Spotted this in my Facebook feed so I did the deed and I discovered..

..I might have been actor James Robertson Justice in a past life. Yes, I was born the day he died.

Born James Norval Harald Justice, he died 2nd July 1975, was born 15th June 1907 in Lee, London, travelled life for 68 years before checking out of his body 3 days after his final wedding. He may or may not have moved into a new body.

When I saw the FB post telling me to Google “died 2nd July 1975” to find who I was in my previous life I thought: this will be fun!

James Robertson Justice (PD)

James Robertson Justice (PD)

Blew me away to find one of the people who died the day I was born was himself born in a part of England that shares my name. Is that too much coincidence to ignore?

I guess the coincidence is a fun fact of trivia.

He was a great actor with amazing screen presence. You should see him in some of the Carry On films like Doctor in the House, video clip below.

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