Conversations with myself

This is the outlet for the ramblings in my head is an outlet for sharing the thoughts that cross my mind about things I see, read and hear in the news, media and general life.

Launched the site recently with a first post on British and Tea (setting the record straight). Still working on the site design and establishing revenue streams in between more important tasks.

I am a little crazy. Scratch that. Let’s call a spade a spade: I am totally crazy. I talk to myself, shout at YouTube, giggle while typing Facebook updates (and blog posts) and I have opinions about everything.

For a mild mannered Brit, I do rant and rave a lot about something and nothing.

How far will go? Who knows. Who cares. I’m writing for fun, profit and sanity. It goes where it goes and posts will be posted whenever I can be bothered to post something in between bigger commitments like work and business.

When I first registered the domain name I intended to write a colourful autobiography following the roller coaster of sorrow, happiness, adventure, luck, genius and everything else that has been my life since birth in 1975.

After auditing my original draft posts a few weeks after writing them I decided to bin the lot. They were, well, not quite suitable for public view (I would have been hated and loved for posting them).

A few weeks ago I had a brainwave: I would write a born in 1975 guy’s view/review of the world. What better way to write an autobiography than to mix it up with opinion.

This is a lifestyle blog. I will have fun writing this blog. You will have fun reading this blog; not that I actually care whether you do or not: I’m writing this blog for me and my own amusement.

Try and have fun here. If you can’t, just tell your friends about this totally crazy Brit’s place on the web.