A few days of sun…

The sun blessed us with his stunning rays last week. Being a sun loving guy, I was quick to make use of this thaw in my mood. I jumped onto eBay to buy seeds and a small 3 tier greenhouse.

48 hours later and £35 poorer I had what I needed to begin growing salad veg: 125ltrs of compost, 4 planters, 3 tier mini greenhouse and 14 packs of seeds.

Lucky they arrived when they did. 24 hours later and the sun had packed his bags, put up his umbrella and laughed at the Brits he’d given a glowing red colour to.

Yes, we had a lot to say about the weather, being Brits and all that.

The seeds came from Premier Seeds Direct for 99p a packet. I am impressed with them. Those I sowed are already sprouting and there are enough cress, lettuce, radish and spring onion seeds to keep me going well through summer.

Spot the toms on the bay window?

They didn’t grow overnight. I cheated. Bought the tomato plants from B&M a few weeks back. Looking forward to splitting them open, adding a pinch of salt and sucking the juice out of them.

Tomato plant growing on my bay windowsill

Tomato plant growing on my bay window

But, Mr 1975, why not plant them in the garden?

This year I’m living in a semi-detached town-house in the north east of England. The house has a well manicured garden with little space between the garden plants, the lawn, the fern trees and the garden shed. I couldn’t get a full-sized greenhouse in if I tried and if I dug up a few plants the gardener would kill me.

British Town House Garden

Looks like the plants need a trim in this photo. Will wait for the rain to stop.

The house has solar panels on the roof so maybe I can rig up some UV lighting to keep them growing over winter without emptying my bank balance into Green Energy‘s pockets.

Will post photos of the growing veg when they are a few inches tall.

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