Over sized perscription sunglasses - huge sunglasses photo

Even Elton John would be afraid to wear glasses this big.

We had big sunglasses in the ’70s. We wised up. We got rid of them. For the love of sanity, why are they making a comeback?

We thought the war on big glasses was over. Won by common sense. Kicked out of human fashion along with massive flares, 2 foot tall platform boots and kipper ties.

People could snap their necks wearing glasses this big. One fast sneeze or quick turn and that neck’s gone! Poof!

We can hide photos from the ’70s and ’80s. No such luck for social media whores. Those photos and videos of gigantic shades will haunt for life.

Lucky job interviewers of the future will laugh their socks off at 20 year old photos and videos dug up from the social media channels of hopeful interviewees.

Is this a plot by Google and other wearable smart-gadget manufacturers to make glasses bigger so that more tech can be fitted into smart wearables?

What can we do with huge smart-glasses?

If glasses grow just a little bit bigger they will be as massive as widescreen TVs. If the front face of the lenses display images, we could watch TV on the glasses of the person in front of us. No need to buy our own smart-glasses.

What else could we do?

  • Sell advertisement space. Yep, we could see walking billboards with ads showing on the front face of their glasses.
  • Watch Game of Thrones while staring at the place where eyes should be visible.
  • Keep up with the Twitter updates of the wife at breakfast.
  • Show feelings with lens sized animated smilies.
  • Lazy person’s dream. No need to flip someone the finger: let the glasses auto detect when to show a middle finger (and hope one doesn’t show through to the boss. Oops!).

Could work well if only 1 in 2 of us wear them. Humanity could divide into Screeners and Watchers.

On reflection, maybe there is a point to the fashion craze for oversized glasses… Hmmmm… Still think they are hideous.

Photo by attercop311

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