If you’ve ever been surrounded by loads of unskilled fork-truck drivers. Ducking, diving and dodging as they whiz around the warehouse then you’ll know how deadly they can be. This German video nasty will give your fork-truck PTSD a flashback to remember.

I kid you not, this is a genuine part of the European safety training instruction. I saw this when working for Polar Air Cargo at Schiphol, Netherlands.

Here are some of the darkly humorous things I remember from when I worked in airport freight handling:

One forklift driver went into a lorry trailer with the wrong type of forklift and raised his forks so high he gave the trailer a new sun-roof.

Another driver used a big heavy-duty twelve tonne forklift to take an eleven ton crate off a side loader. The lorry driver kept telling the forklift driver his forks were all the way under the crate. When the fork truck driver reversed his truck dropped forward putting its back wheels in the air. The forks were not all the way under the crate.

Impatient lorry drivers caused a good share of accidents. A few truckers rushed off with a fork-truck driver still inside their trailer.

Some lorry drivers kept their hand-breaks off while being unloaded. I’ve seen forklifts fall through loading bays as the lorry gradually moved further and further away from the ramps.

Enjoy the movie!

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