A deviation from my usual post type but the least I can do to help a friend, a mother, who is desperately searching for her daughter, Melanie Metheny, who went missing July 19th, 2006 in Belle, West Virginia.

Melanie Metheny is mother to three children who miss her very much and dearly wish to see her again. Even if you live outside of West Virginia or the United States, please read on, you can help find her.

We are now in 2016. Melanie is still missing. Her children are still searching for her. Her mother and family desperately want to find her.

Missing Since 2006. Please Help Find Melanie Metheny

Missing Since 2006. Please Help Find Melanie Metheny

Melanie Metheny is a former student at Riverside High School and young mother to three children. She was studying for her college entrance exam when she disappeared leaving friends and family worried for her whereabouts. Melanie dreamed of becoming a nurse.

Melanie will now be 31 years old. It has been 10 years since her children, mother, family and friends last heard from her.

Melanie Methenie’s Last Known Whereabouts

Melanie was seen around 8:00 a.m on Wednesday July 19, 2006. She had just left her children at a daycare center in Belle, West Virginia. There has been no contact with Melanie since that day.

Melanie drove a gold 1998 Chevrolet Ventura Minivan which was found abandoned near Wyoming Street and Beuhring Avenue in Charleston, West Virginia on Sunday July 23rd 2006, just 4 days after Melanie vanished. No evidence of her whereabouts was uncovered at the scene. Foul play is suspected.

Help Find Melanie

Your help is needed. You can help find Melanie even if you are not in the United States. If you have friends, relatives or colleagues who live in West Virgina, get them thinking about Melanie. Ask them where they think she might be or whether they might have seen her the day she vanished.

Ask Facebook friends, Twitter contacts or the people you know through online games and other social networks whether they know anything at all about where Melanie Metheny is.

Melenie’s family and friends are still searching frantically for her and have done so tirelessly since the day she went missing.

Official Contact Points

The official website for the search for Melanie is


The search for her is also mentioned at:

Please direct people to either https://MelanieMetheny.com or to the official Facebook page.

Melanie’s family can be contacted through the above websites or via this contact form.

Information can also be handed to the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office by phone on (US) 304 357 0169

Thank you for helping to find Melanie Metheny.

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