Brits love tea. That is a fact. That fact will never change. Our fascination with tea is surpassed only by our fanaticism for moaning about the weather.

As I said before, Brits drink tea from a mug, not a cup. We would rather use a beaker or jam jar or glass than drink from a cup.

If you don’t believe me, here is further proof that we Brits do not walk around clasping saucers carrying strong hot tea in poky little tea cups.

If you use our photos, please link to the Europe a la Carte Travel - teacup plant photo

This is how we use tea cups and saucers in Britain. Photo by Karen V Bryan

Decorative flower pots. That is how a teacup and saucer ought to be used.

The trend for using them as planters is so strong that they can be bought on Amazon.

We are a peculiar group and we are fun & innovative with it.

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